An evening on the theme of POWER & PowerPC

July 15, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Big Blue Button

July’s virtual event, on the theme of IBM’s POWER ISA and PowerPC based hardware.  Featuring talks from PowerPC Notebook project and IBM on OpenPOWER.

18:00 – Feel free to join the online meeting to chat with other participants
18:30 – Presentations
20:00 – Closing discussion

There is no requirement to register, you can just connect to livestream using BigBlueButton using this link.  Thank you to GWDG for providing hosting for this meeting.  We are also recording the talks for later posting on our YouTube channel.

The livestream link will be open from 18:00 for networking, and the event will start at 18:30 prompt. We’ll keep the link open afterwards for discussion.

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Prepare yourself for the Open Hardware GNU/Linux PowerPC Laptop

Roberto Innocenti, Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook

We expect before the end of 2021 to see the life of the first three prototypes of Open Hardware GNU/Linux PowerPC Laptop. The project started in late 2014, After a brief summary of the previous episodes, we try to describe the scenarios of the immediate future of the project and how each person can be driven by a certain passion for both progress for all and how the sharing of knowledge can be a protagonist in this project.

Roberto Innocenti is one of the founders of the project Open Hardware PowerPC Notebook and an ambassador of the project. President of the association Power Progress Community which deals with the promotion and dissemination of free software and open hardware. Ambassador and responsible in the last humanist forums of the area “Technology for improving the living conditions of mankind”. Roberto is a software architect with Open Source tools, by profession.

OpenPOWER Overview and latest key collaborations with OpenPOWER Academia

Ganesan Narayanasamy, IBM

Ganesan Narayanasamy is an OpenPOWER/POWER leader for Academia and research at the IBM Lab. Ganesan is best known for his contributions to High Performance Computing as senior leader for nearly 1.5 decades. He is also leading the WW Academia work group for OpenPOWER and putting together OpenPOWER ECO System development activities like setting up OpenPOWER and AI center of excellence, OpenPOWER labs, Curriculum development etc. Ganesan is always passionate about working with Universities and research Institutes and provide all kinds of technical mentoring.

Concept to Silicon Tape out using OpenPOWER Cores

Arjun Nag

Arjun Nag has been leading Design Verification field of VLSI for more than a decade with hands on experience in System Verilog , Verilog and VHDL.  He has been mentoring many researchers in SoC , RTL related areas.