Editorial Policy

We welcome contributions of anyone about open* and events to the site, subject to moderation, in addition to those provided by the committee.

In keeping with the aims of the group and the BCS itself, posts and events should abide by the following simple content guidelines:

  1. Most importantly, members should abide by the Code of Conduct, and the BCS Code of Conduct.
  2. All content should be related to the field of Open Software/Hardware, ideally in the UK
  3. When writing new content, impartiality and balance should be maintained, insofar as this is possible. Linking or referring to external partisan content is perfectly acceptable on the condition that the potential bias is discussed in the post body. This is especially important when reporting findings from studies etc.
  4. No commercial advertisements such as those for jobs or products are permitted. Announcement of commercially-sponsored OSS-related events is allowed, however.

The process of posting is simple:

  1. Write your post document (Libreoffice/Word/GDoc).
  2. Optionally, e-mail the lead in advocacy to get your post moderated and published.

To minimise the group’s liability, all website posts are moderated before being made available. In addition you may comment directly on all posted items without explicit moderation other than a spam check. In all cases, comments and posts are owned by their authors and the views therein are not necessarily those of the Open Source Specialist Group or the BCS.