Event Management

How we manage events

The members of the OSSG and, in particular, the committee organizes events (evening talks, workshops, …) on a monthly interval based on the interest of the individuals. Events focus on technical aspects, they are unpolitical and follow the code of conduct of the BCS and the OSSG.

Co-organization with other institutions

The OSSG supports the organization of external institutions or individuals revolving around our topics of open*, may it be a single event or repeating series of events, workshop, etc. Due to our experience, we want to clarify that we expect from co-organizers a fair contribution to the efforts of co-organizing events.

Tips and tricks for event organizers

Timeline for the organization

  • 3 months before the event
    • Create the webpage template
    • Inform Kerry to create the Eventbrite page and link the ticket reservation
    • For each talk complete the abstract and speaker bio
    • Name the event organizer as chair
    • Inform the speakers about the link such that they can promote the event on their networks
  • The week before the event
    • Inform/Remind the speakers:
      • Connection details
      • Request the presentations
    • If virtual: Chair tests connections with speakers
    • Prepare the BCS standard template presentation including the next events
  • The day of the event
    • Chair introduces the event and presents BCS slide deck (with next events)
    • Chair manages the speakers
    • Release information on Twitter (including the link to the event)
  • After the event
    • Request presentations and upload them to the page (use the same event-year prefix to all slides)
    • Create the YouTube videos with the abstract and speaker bios and link them on the event page
    • Inform speakers about the finalized page