Use of Open Source in education

Linux PCs in public libraries 2

As a result of being in Birmingham on 26th April 2006 I came across some new PCs running Linux that are available for public use on the 5th floor of Birmingham Central Library.

I thought it might be idea to start this thread so that others can report any such development in other places.

Mark Elkins

Introduction 4


I have just joined BCS and now this Open Source group. I thought I would introduce myself, but after looking at the members list I know quite a few names, so it would probably be best off to say look at my info page.

I think I will mainly be staying in this forum as it’s my ‘chosen subject’, so to speak, but may venture out sometimes if I feel brave.

It seems a bit quiet on these forums, and I was wondering what it was that people were hoping to do, we have a lot of knowledgable people in one place but noone is talking

Thats all from me,


VMware and Linux at Southampton Solent University 4

Southampton Solent University is in the process of installing VMware onto its network, which will enable Linux, Microsoft Windows, and other operating systems to run on the same PC at the same time.

From an Educational standpoint this will give students there the opportunity to learn, use, compare, and evaluate different operating systems, applications, and programming languages without the need for Dual Boot software or separate PC’s each dedicated to any particular operating system.

There will be free demonstrations available of VMware running on Southampton Solent University PC’s for those attending the OSSG Open Source Software Quality in Practice event there on 27th October 2005.

I would be interested to know what others think about the advantages or otherwise of using VMware with Open Source Software in an Educational environment.

Mark Elkins

Event Recently 1

At event recently I believe Conrad offered to video it did it get done.

As would be interested in seeing it as i work in education sector and at time wasn’t a bcs member etc would like to see what was said etc