Open Source is for real and is for you

Speaker : Sebastian Rahtz, OSS Watch Open source is about licensing, about development methodology, and about attitude. This talk will explain how these interact, and what the practical effect is for those choosing software to solve a problem. We will look at practical open source solutions in different areas, and consider the common issues which arise. Sebastian Rahtz is director of OSS Watch, the open source advisory service funded by the JISC to advise higher and further education. He is also Information Manager for Oxford University Computing Services, where he pursues XML issues with vigour. He has been involved in open source and free software for 20 years, as a long-time evangelist for the TeX typesetting system, and now for the Text Encoding Initiative. There is no charge for this meeting, but please register, by email, so that we have some idea of the numbers expected. Registration/Information: Karin McVicar

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2006-05-31 from 18:30 to 21:00
Room C47, The Robert Gordon University, St Andrews St, Aberdeen
Karin McVicar
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