Minutes of the   BCS   OSSG   AGM

23rd October 2014 - BCS HQ - 5 Southampton St. - 6:00pm.

Apologies for absence were received from Graham Oakes and Alan Shaw.
Conrad Taylor and Mark Elkins were also not present.

The meeting was initially chaired by the current chair - Cornelia Boldyreff. 

A motion to re-elect Cornelia as chair for the coming year was proposed, seconded and passed.

Mike Trotman was also re-elected as Secretary and David Misell was re-elected as Treasurer.

Graham Oakes and Alan Shaw have indicated that they will not be continuing as committee members.
No other committee members have stepped down.

Andres  Baravalle will focus on his role as webmaster and all email coordination will be done by Mike Trotman.

Jeremy Bennett and Andrew  Back volunteered to undertake the new committee role of Event Coordinator.

One BCS OSSG Member, Stephen Murphy ( Stephen.Murphy@bcu.ac.uk)  volunteered to help on the committee but could not be present at the AGM.
Stephen will be contacted later.

Cornelia then presented her report on "1 Year in the Life of the BCS OSSG"  (pptx file available).


David Misell, the treasurer, presented the annual report on the BCS OSSG finances.which showed we had underspent the budget, mainly due to extensive use of BCS HQ facilities and catering (which are not charged) and the lack of an additional conference event.

The meeting then closed at 6:25pm and was followed by a joint meeting with OSHUG otitled   "Open Source Chips",