Minutes of the BCS OSSG AGM

20 February 2013

The meeting was chaired by the group's secretary and acting chair, Cornelia Boldyreff. She briefed members on recent developments and expressed the appreciation of herself and the wider group for the efforts of the recently resigned webmaster, David Nutter, and chair, Mark Elkin. She invited Mark to speak on activities of the group during the past year. Mark highlighted in particular the contribution of the OSSG to the BCS response to the UK government's work on Open Standards.  

Cornelia then outlined plans for forthcoming meetings this coming year, the next of which will be on 1st May. Shashin Shah who will be leading this meeting spoke about aspects of Hadoop that will be addressed at this meeting. 

The meeting closed with election of officials for the coming year:
 Dave Misell, treasurer; 
Mike Trotman, secretary 
and Cornelia Boldyreff, chair.

 Other members of the committee, Graham Oakes and Conrad Taylor, have agreed to remain as members; and both Mark Elkin and Andres Baravalle will continue as members, shepherding new officials.

 It was agreed that the chair would approach Sarah Davies to invite her to continue as newsletter editor.

The AGM was followed by an excellent presentation by Ella Mitchell on Open Educational Resources (copy available on the OSSG website), lively discussion and informal networking over sandwiches.