LoRaWAN: Long Range Wireless for the Internet Of Things

Andrew Tierney presents a talk on hacking smart thermostats

April 16, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
BCS Online Meeting
Andy Bennett

LoRaWAN is a Long Range Wide Area Networking technology that has been quietly sitting in the background of many IoT systems for several years now. This month we’ll hear from speakers who were early adopters of the technology. We’ll find out what is it, how it works and, most importantly, what they have achieved with it.

This month we’ll be hosting our evening of talks online. You can join remotely from the comfort of your own home to listen to the speakers and chat in realtime with the other attendees.

18:15 – Join online meeting to chat with other participants
18:30 – Presentations
20:30 – Close

Please register on Eventbrite for a free ticket. We shall be live streaming via GoToWebinar and recording the talks for later posting on YouTube.

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Andrew Tierney

Andrew Tierney presents a talk on hacking smart thermostats


The Things Network 5 years on

Mike Beardmore

Mike Beardmore describes the success of Reading's smart city programme with the Things Network

Amazing how time flies! Mike looks at how LPWAN has progressed since he first got involved with The Things Network in 2015. He will look at the technology (radio, devices and code) involved, how to build and deploy your project, and finish with a look to the future of TTN with 5G arriving.

Mike Beardmore has surfed the wave of opportunities for a creator since the transistor replaced the ‘tube’. A life of learning about constant change has been a foundation for working with the recent LPWAN blooming. An active Maker using additive & subtractive tools, he is an advocate for Hackspaces, OpenSource and Creative Commons.

LoRa trials (and tribulations)

Paul Tanner

Paul Tanner shows a graph of air pollution collected from an BuggyAir sensor

A few years ago a group of us came together to see what we could do about measuring actual pollution levels “where you are”. We were disappointed that the only hyper-localised data available came from hard-to-trust models that used widely-spaced sensors.

We won some funding to build and test a prototype based on good quality sensors that communicated via a connected smart phone to a cloud-based data store, the data being visualised on a web app. This allowed people to compare alternative routes and select the best ones.

The main feedback from these trials was that we needed to make the device much easier to use, smaller and lighter so we looked at ways to make the sensor self-contained.

Along came LoRaWAN as one way to achieve this. The prototype was completely redesigned and we have been testing and refining that since. Unhappily, trialling with schools is currently suspended for obvious reasons but we think we are getting there.

The talk will be about our learnings and future options under consideration.

Paul Tanner is an experienced engineer and project manager. He has held management
positions in several tech startups and developed numerous electronic and software products. He has worked on a diverse range of IT projects in the roles of CTO, project manager, developer and architect.

Paul’s recent projects have been focused on practical implementation of the “Internet of Things”. These have included two consumer energy portals, an assisted living care-in-the-home system, an assistive street and an energy-optimised smart house and
(currently) a portable pollution monitor. He has also been an advisor and beta tester for a smart heating product.

Paul now focuses on “public good” projects, especially in renewable energy, assisted living and cleantech. He is open to whatever roles are appropriate either as an individual or by bringing in a small team.

Paul is a graduate of MIT with a BS in Electrical Engineering. Whilst not busy with his family he is a “maker” and clean energy enthusiast.

Note: Please aim to connect by 18:15 as the event will start at 18:30 prompt.

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