Monthly archives: November 2022

New OSSG committee

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday evening, a new committee was voted in:

  • Chair: Terence Eden
  • Treasurer: Dr Richard Miller
  • Membership Secretary: Dr Donal Stewart
  • Inclusion officer: Prof Cornelia Boldyreff
  • Web supremo: Simon Worthington
  • Early career/Student representatives: Pietra Fereira, Rohit Goswami
  • Committee members: Andy Bennett, Dr Jeremy Bennett, Daniel Hall

With particular thanks to Terence, Donal, Pietra, Rohit and Daniel who have all stepped up and are joning the committee for the first time.

After the elections our new Chair gave a rousing speech and presented ideas for how to make the OSSG successful. There was also much discussion of establishing new communication tools for OSSG members involving Mastodon and Matrix.

The AGM was recorded and will soon be available on our YouTube channel.