Internet of things Mash-up Day 23rd of July, University of Oxford

Workshop Day for IOT Device Vendors
Develop interoperable drivers for your IOT/M2M devices

Practical Interoperability of Devices – Port your Device onto the Open Source Framework – Getting Your Device Working with a wide Ecosystem with Expert help – Facilitating Programmatic Access and Control for Your Devices – Securely Sharing Data Between Different Devices. Creating Data Mash-Ups between Different Devices and People.

A FREE one-day event run by the webinos consortium where you can be briefed on state-of-the-art Internet of Things and Machine to Machine technologies. The day will be split into two halves

  • Morning: A series of brief talks given by industry experts. Rapidly get up to speed with some of the most significant developments in the IOT/M2M/sensor industry
  • Afternoon: webinos developers will give one-on-one consultation on deep technical issues, and for those bringing devices to the event, hands-on assistance working with and integrating the code

Who is it relevant for: Application developers
Any application developers that has an interest in working with a broad spectrum of devices and taking live data feeds from connected sensors. For example, driver and vehicle diagnostics, usage-based insurance, home automation controllers, health monitoring services, and eco-consultancies.

This event is free. You will get free implementation consultancy, meet with like minded people and be part of the expert briefing sessions. The value of the technology is ‘ecosystem benefit’. You will make your device connect with others and experience interoperability with the Apps and Services which run across the open source webinos platform.

More information on the event can be found on the website


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