FIRST OPEN SOURCE GIS UK CONFERENCE 2009 – Nottingham 22/06/09

22 June 2009, Centre for Geospatial Science, University of Nottingham


Contributions are invited but are not limited to the following topic

o  State of the Art developments in Open Source GIS o  Open Source GIS
in Education o  Interoperability and standards – OGC, ISO/TC 211 o  Open
Source GIS application use cases : Government, Participatory GIS,
Location based services, Health, Energy, Water, Climate change etc o
Web processing services o  Open architectures, open content o  Case
studies of open source implementations o  Open Source GIS
Internationalisation and Localisation o  Using Open Source GIS with
proprietary software o  Transition to Open Source GIS o  Open Source GIS
business models o  Open Source GIS implementation and deployment case
studies o  Sensor Web enablement o  Hands-on workshops on using and
developing open source GIS tools

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