Open Source Software – Threat or Opportunity (INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS, CITY OF LONDON BRANCH) – 05/03/08

Presentation at Penningtons LLP, Solicitors at Abacus House, 33 Gutter Lane, London EC2V 8AR on Wednesday 5 March 2008 from 6pm to 8.30pm

Open Source, one of the most exciting developments in computing in recent years is redefining the way software is written, sold and used. Typically created collaboratively across the internet, open source software is freely available for anyone to download, install and deploy. Open source companies generate revenue by providing extra services: customisation, training and support. Overall, this generally leads to a lower total cost of ownership for users, but just as important are the benefits of increased flexibility, security and control. The presentation will explore this intriguing new world, and look at ways open source can be used by any company for competitive advantage. Our two speakers are:


Chris Kenyon, Director of Business Development , Canonical Limited

Chris Kenyon joined Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu project in 2006. He leads the global team that handles Canonical’s relationships with Intel, Dell, SUN Microsystems and many others. Based in London and previously responsible for corporate strategy at Global Beach Automotive he is a graduate of Atlantic College and Edinburgh University.

Ubuntu is the world’s fastest growing operating system and is used by over 6 million users in 200+ countries including Google, San Francisco Airport and over 40% of school pupils in Spain. Ubuntu’s 10,000s of community volunteers, combined with these partnership, enable it to compete as a world-class operating system application suite that is free to use, share and distribute.


Glyn Moody, Journalist and Consultant

Glyn Moody, a journalist and consultant will take the commentator role at the event. He has been writing and lecturing on computers and technology for over 25 years, the internet for 13 years and open source software for 12 years. He is the author of the book “Rebel Code”, the first and so far only in-depth history of the subject and also writes a blog on open source and related areas at He has an MA and PhD in Mathematics from Cambridge University and is based in London.

Glyn will be talking about the Why, How and What of Open Source: why it works, how people can give it away and still make money and what it all means for business.


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