Daily archives: June 19, 2006

New site goes live! 1

The new WordPress site set up to replace the Plone site is now available. There will be period of transition from the Plone-based site to this new WordPress instance. As you can see all the important content has already been migrated, but there are still some tasks left to do. The important dates are listed below:

Friday 23rd June
  • Committee forum shut down, committee discussion moved to ossg-committee@ossg.bcs.org
  • ossg-announcements@ossg.bcs.org and ossg-members@ossg.bcs.org lists repopulated
  • Warning sent out to the announcements lists outlining this migration plan
Friday 30th June
Remaining forums closed to new posts. Discussion moved to ossg-members@ossg.bcs.org
Friday 7th July
Monday 10th July
Ability to register new WordPress accounts enabled.