Members’ Lightning Talks – Thursday 13 September

An opportunity to hear about all the open source projects our members are working on. We’ll have 6-8 short talks on the full range of subjects addressed by the Open Source Specialist group plus an opportunity to hear Chris Jones’ full talk on Hammerspoon postponed from earlier in the year.  This is a joint meeting with the UK Open Source Hardware Users Group.  Venue is the BCS Offices at 5 Southampton St, London WC2E 7HA from 6-8pm.

There are still slots available. Please contact the committee if you would like to give a short talk on your own project.

Registration link: TBC

Each full talk will last 10-15 minutes and Chris Jones’ talk will last 30 minutes, with all talks including time for questions. We look forward to seeing you there.

We shall be videoing the talks for later posting on YouTube for those who are unable to make it.

Hammerspoon: Staggeringly powerful macOS desktop automation

Chris Jones

Hammerspoon exposes many parts of macOS to the simple scripting language Lua. Its goal is to make the most powerful and flexible tool for serious power users to automate and customise as many things as possible. In this talk we’ll look at the history of automation on Apple computers, how Hammerspoon works, and some of the excellent things it can help you do. Of course, it’s Open Source, so you can also jump in and help make it even better!

Chris Jones has been creating, using, and advocating for Open Source software, since the mid-1990s. He’s spent the last 12 years of his professional life working on/with Open Source – the first half at Canonical (creators of Ubuntu) and since then working on OpenStack at HP and Red Hat.

After 13 years of zealously running only Linux on his desktops/laptops, he has spent the last 8 years recovering as a macOS user, but has nevertheless retained his passion for contributing to Open Source.

This talk was to have been given at our June meeting which was cancelled. We are delighted Chris is available to give his talk at this meeting.

Sous-vide cooking with a Raspberry Pi

Chris Swan

Cooking with a touch of science and a dash of engineering. Sous vide (under vacuum) is a technique that places food into a temperature controlled water bath. The vacuum bit isn’t that important, and squeezing the air out of a zip lock bag is generally sufficient; but precise temperature control is essential to ensure that the right proteins are denatured. The thermostat in a typical piece of kitchen equipment is nowhere near good enough, but add a sensor (immersible temperature gauge), an actuator (433MHz remote control socket), some control software and a dev board to run it on and you have the ability to cook perfect steaks, eggs, fish or whatever.

Chris has been tinkering with electronics since he was a small child, and got into software when he realised that it was necessary to make hardware do interesting things. In his day job as CTO for Global Delivery for DXC Technology he’s bringing a large services company and its customers into a world of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code. On evenings and weekends he can often be found making some sort of project around a dev board, with a particular fondness for Raspberry Pis.

Deploying GPG to non-technical users

Sevan Janiyan

Introducing the use of cryptography in to day to day workflow can be overwhelming for new user, not helped by concepts which can be difficult to grasp, especially for non-technical users. This talk will cover a small scale deployment of GPG which is currently in progress for a team of 30 members and how the use of GPG was implemented within an organisation.

Sevan Janiyan is founder of Venture 37, which provides system administration & consultancy services. As a fan of operating systems and computers with different CPU architectures, in his spare time he maintains builds of open source software on a variety of systems featuring PowerPC, SPARC and armv7l CPUs.

Open source tools in the Big Data world

Pavan Chalamalasetti

Abstract to appear shortly…

Pavan Chalamalasetti is the BCS Young Professionals Group representative on the Open Source Specialist Group committee. He works in the finance sector in London.

Ken Boak’s talk

Ken Boak

Title and abstract to appear shortly…

Ken Boak is a long standing member of the UK Open Source Hardware User Group and with Al Wood the designer of the MyStorm series of affordable FPGA development boards.